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A robust mobile strategy was used to Design and Develop an active platform based Mobile Application

Qwell is a mobile application that allows the user to silence his mobile device while maintaining accessibility to emergency incoming calls. Not to be confused with “White List Call Blockers”. Qwell truly provides the user with mobile privacy and peace of mind. When activated, Qwell mode silences the device’s profile settings and effectively places the user’s device in sleep mode. Callers attempting to reach a QWELL user who is in QWELL Mode are forwarded to an Interactive Voice Recognition service (IVR) advising them that the user is in QWELL Mode and does not wish to be disturbed.

How Qwell works?

When Qwell is enabled, Callers will hear that you are not taking calls at this time, unless it is an urgent matter. If the call is urgent, Qwell gives the caller the option to alert you and connect the call. If the call is not urgent, they can leave a voicemail or simply hang-up without your phone ringing. It’s that easy! A Qwell call log keeps track of all call activity while you’re in “Qwell Mode” so that you can see Missed Calls and Voicemail at a glance. Plus, Qwell voicemail is delivered through email. This way you can listen to your voicemails (in the order you choose) from your computer, Ipad and of course your phone.

Successfully developed a Web application called ADAP for a very well known IT Company

Axios, one of our prominent clients came to us with a challenge of creating a system which could manage and integrate their heavy institutional investment along side tackling their technical organizational issues. We started with the objective of providing an apt web application which not only meets their criteria, but also manages their overall stability in strong user commitment. We also took into account of the importance of usability factor of this system. And after our persistent effort, we successfully delivered the Web system called ADAP.

What is ADAP

ADAP is a web-based system developed for Axios to facilitate the management, heavy institutional investment, strong user commitment, and wide-scale deployment of the system components, a variety of technical, usability, and organizational issues limit data integrity and overall utility of the system for end users.

Came up with the most useful web application – A question software that comes up with a question which not only answers but also evaluates you honestly

Questions has evolved us from time to time making us ready for the next smart question. But wait, is it about just asking questions? Not at all. Ew2w question software proves to be more than an application of stimulating questions, this application facilitates the user to update his individual details and pose questions individually while simultaneously storing responses in a SQL table. The finished piece of software has a video playing with an actor reading each question. The possible answers appear on the screen in little boxes, allowing users to select which answer they wish to choose. The administrator has the option to change the question set and view the answers marked by the clients.

Proxalt – a web application that makes every interaction with your website visitor, a productive one!

Proxalt application facilitates the user portal with CMS, E-Learning and E-Commerce solutions integrated. The system provides a way to manage the front end content of the site, allows payment transactions from the site and also conduct online courses. The system allows the portal administrator to manage content on the website, set up new courses and manage invoices at the back-end.

Created a must needed Ipad application for the healh industry that helps users drive towards the right decision by providing a right flow of information

Bioseal is an application that facilitates users to search for products and know information about each product, the application’s home screen displays a list of product categories by synchronizing with the portal at start-up by obtaining all the information required. The Marketing section in it, allows users to give an overview of products to the doctors. Products section provides customers with complete details of the product by providing images, videos and documentation on each product. The quote section allows user to add products along with delete option.

Created an interactive digital menu system for Android with convenient and easy to use features for the restaurant industry

Super Booklet – This application is developing an interactive restaurant menu on Android based tablets which allow the users to review, select and order menu items, interact with video supported advertisements. A user will be able to choose and review available food items through the filters and categories. Selecting an item shows a pop-up with more details like Item Description, price and other attributes. The user can then place an order by selecting the quantity along with any special instructions for preparation. “My Order” screen allows the user to review, edit and confirm the final order to be placed.

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