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Cytrion’s robust software consulting offers top notch Enterprise Solutions, Software & Web Development and Mobile Application Development services. It also provides a platform like start-up Garage to our customers where we not only provide solutions on adhoc basis but we engineer the requirements to give best solutions and services adherence to the latest technology.

Our skilled software consultants and business analysts can help you design, develop, and implement software solutions for your business functions in order to optimize your business productivity and efficiency.

Perfectly Balanced services to meet your every need:

Business solutions

At Cytrion, we provide applications for business solutions for both web and mobile platforms. At an enterprise level we offer end-to-end services beginning from ideation phase to being a successful part of the market. Our SDLC package will ensure to meet all your present and future application needs. A ground zero market research to requirement gathering and thereafter designing solutions to your business problems will be some of the key steps we ensure in any project.

We provide services to build, release, and quality check and maintain the products we deliver. A release of alpha version helps us in performing an effective real-time testing before the launch of the commercial product and gives the customer scope to analyze if we have met all requirements and high quality expectations.

Application Development

Cytrion helps client enterprises develop new applications, enhancement of versions by improving features, programming interfaces and upgrades for your existing business applications. We provide complete solutions on varied platforms. Efficient, in-time production and a keeping a tab on production issues makes us reliable business provider. Developing successful web applications relies on great planning, organization and adhering to a strong development process that will help ensure the success of your web application.

Cytrion web application development is customized to each client’s specifications helping them with their operational needs. We provide our clients with a high quality web based service which is a result of envisioning the nature and direction of project and rightly identifying business logic and entities.

Mobile Application Development

We offer unique expertise in Mobile Application Development for various platforms including Android, iOS and Windows to meet today’s rapidly expanding global market. Our diversified experience and strong penchant for innovation and quality across various mobile development platforms has helped our customers stay ahead of competitors, maintain superior mobility and eliminate obstacles in the path of the development process while saving both time and money.

Software Testing

We successfully solve tasks of any complexity, using manual testing as well as automation tools. Simulate users, load testing, trial and simulated runs; scalability testing is just to name a few of the methodologies that we use at Cytrion.

All testing plans and test designs are done in conjunction with the client team and the final Quality Assurance would be done by Cytrion’s experienced offshore team. Software testing is a true trade-off between budget, time and quality but we only provide you with the best combination. To ensure this, a separate QA team will constantly interact with the project team and facilitate review of the design, programs and documents.

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