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Well, it is never enough to just design and write a great code. Systematic testing is required before the code goes live!

Yes, that is exactly why Cytrion is here. Our experienced professionals believe that testing is more than just debugging and the purpose of testing is quality assurance, verification and validation or reliability estimation.

What we do here is formulate a systematic approach to offer complete outsourced software testing services in its offshore model too. First, we ensure that testing plans and test designs are done in conjunction with the client team and then the actual quality assurance is done by Cytrion’s experienced offshore team. Software testing is a true tradeoff between budget, time and quality and to ensure this a separate QA team constantly interacts with the project team to facilitate review of the design, programs and documents.

For our customers to gain confidence, our Quality Assurance (QA) process has well-defined procedures for each stage of the project implementation. We understand the need for increased focus on quality in today’s changing dynamic environment and successfully solve tasks of any complexity, using manual testing as well as automation tools.

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